Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Spring Internship: Week 10!

We can't believe the Spring Program has come to an end!  The past 10 weeks have been such a success, and we couldn't be prouder of all the youth and everyone who participated in the program.

For our last ice breaker, we started things off with the "FoodWhat Olympics," which consisted of a three legged race and a wheelbarrow race!

Next, we headed to the kitchen to prep pizza dough and chopped up veggies to use for toppings.

Afterwards, we headed to the farm to plant some popcorn!

Once we finished our farm work, Doron gave us a workshop on writing resumes.  We discussed how to properly format a resume, what information should be included, and tips on getting a job in the future.
After the workshop, we all headed back to the kitchen to make pizzas and bake them in a wood-fired cob oven.. Delish!

To celebrate all our hard work these past 10 weeks, we got some surprise gifts: a FoodWhat 
t-shirt and a Cookbook/Photo book of all the recipes we made during the spring program with our photos in it!  We also each received 2 credits in school and a $175 stipend for successfully completing the full Spring Internship!  Some of us even got Perfect Attendance Awards

 And of course, we ended our time together with Triumphs and high fives for all of us!  

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