Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Spring Internship: Week 8

Whole Grain and Pretzel Week!

As always, we start with an ice breaker. This week was a game of Circle Tag.

Next, we got started on making pretzels!

We took wheat that we grew at FoodWhat and threshed it: (loosened the edible part of the grain off the wheat head) by beating the wheat.

Next, we practiced the art of winnowing, in order to separate the edible part of the grain (the wheat berry) from the chaff.

Once we collected the clean grains, we headed into the kitchen to grind the wheat into flour and make the dough for the pretzels.

Ryan grinds the wheat berries into whole wheat flour

Then we made dough

We then gathered around to learn about why its important to eat whole grains, and what to look for when reading ingredients in grain-based products.

After the talk on whole grains, it was time to do some farm work! This week we harvested fava beans and sowed other types of beans.
                                                                   Fava harvest

                                                                    Bean sowing

Straight Talk
We did a workshop called Straight Talk. We discussed and practiced the best way to go about talking to someone about an issue you might have with him or her:
Be kind. Say what YOU feel. Read the listener.

After the workshop, we headed back to the kitchen to finish making the pretzels!

                                                           Boil 'em before you bake 'em

The pretzels were delicious - a perfect way to end the day!

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