Monday, May 12, 2014

Spring Internship: Week 9

We started the day with an icebreaker called the human knot. We stood in a circle, put our hands into the middle and grabbed onto other people's hands. Our hands were now all crisscrossed and jumbled and we were in a "human knot". Our objective was to "untie" our knot without letting go of the hands we were holding. We climbed over and under each other until we were back in a circle. It was a real group challenge but in most cases, we made it though the knot!

It was a special day on the farm: the farm horse had a new two-day old foul (baby horse) and we got to hang out with him! They were so cute! We also got to learn about the baby horse and the mother, like what they eat and how they live their daily lives.

We then went to the strawberry field and took care of the beds. We clipped off the runners, took out the weeds, and plucked off the rotting strawberries so that the plants could focus on making good berries.

FOOD!  The meal this week was Spanakopita (an unexpected FoodWhat favorite)! It is a savory Greek pastry filled with spinach and chard that we grew ourselves. We cooked up the spinach for the filling and then wrapped it in filo-dough (in triangles like a flag fold). We then baked 'em.

     $$$ Money Time $$$
While they were baking, Doron led a workshop about Financial Literacy. In the workshop, we learned about how to budget our money. We learned "the Golden Rule": Don't spend more then you make!  When we receive our monthly checks, we need to set aside money for bills, food, and daily necessities. And if we have any money left over, then we should save it or invest some of it. He also talked to us about credit cards. Then, Doron asked me (Abrianna) to talk about my history with credit cards, bank accounts, and debts that I had. I told everyone about the financial struggles that I was going through, like medical bills that I needed to pay off, the debt that I am in from maxing out my credit card, and how expensive my house bills are. I told my story so that everyone else would be more cautious about spending money and using credit cards before they are ready to use them. I felt that it was a very productive workshop, and everyone really learned about spending and saving money.

After our workshop, we took our spanakopita's out of the oven and chowed down. Like always, the food was so delicious!

As always, we ended the day with triumphs, which concluded the week. Only one more week to go!

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