Thursday, July 31, 2014

"Food, What?!" July Photo of the Month

Summer Job Training Program in Full Effect!

Three snapshots:
1. The Crew, Carrots and Beets!
2. Jr. Staff member, Thairie, instructing the harvest.
3. Cesar, Leo, Miguel, Maria, and Esmeralda repping FoodWhat in New Mexico at Rooted in Community (national youth empowerment and food justice summit).
FoodWhat is family.
It is with abounding joy and sleepy eyes that Kirstin (my wife) and I share the news of the birth of our son, Asa Taylor Comerchero. Asa comes from the Old Testament and is translated from the Hebrew as "healer."  This little man is a total gem and it is my absolute pleasure to introduce him to all of you...

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