Tuesday, July 8, 2014

FoodWhat and the Homeless Garden Project

Each summer we spend one day a week working at the Homeless Garden Project. Similar to FoodWhat, the Homeless Garden Project (HGP) provides job training and employment support through growing produce and flowers. While FoodWhat works with teens, HGP works with homeless and transitioning people in our community. Working together is great partnership and collaboration between our two programs.

Here at FoodWhat, one of the many things we've been up to this summer is harvesting lavender! We collect and bundle lavender for the Homeless Garden Project to dry and sell in their various lavender products.

Once we harvest the lavender, the Homeless Garden Project then dries the lavender in these drying racks pictured below: 

The dried lavender is then used to make products such as salves, dry reeds, baking mixes, essential oils, and many other things!

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