Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The FoodWhat Crew Run A Farm Stand!

We're so excited to say this is the first year FoodWhat has opened up a farm stand outside of the Dominican Hospital! 

We partner with the UCSC Farm and Garden to help distribute local, organic produce in the community.  

Running the farm stand also gives the FoodWhat crew the opportunity to learn distribution and customer service skills.

"I liked being able to interact with different
people... and practicing my math was fun 
too." -Ziah
One of the great things about running a farm stand outside of Dominican Hospital is that it provides hospital workers with a healthier alternative to hospital food.  Also, the location of the farm stand is perfect for emphasizing health, since a good diet is fundamental for good health (which is what hospitals are all about!).  Having an organic farm stand located outside the hospital will help 
encourage doctors to educate patients about the importance of a healthy diet.

"I liked being able to give people healthy food!" -Evann

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