Friday, February 28, 2014

"Food, What?!" February Photo of the Month (FILM PREMIER!)

If you missed joining the FoodWhat Crew at our Winter Gathering last night, then here is your big opportunity to check out our FABULOUS new 5 minute FoodWhat film, hot off the press.  If you've ever wanted to taste the FoodWhat experience, click on the video below and hear direct from the youth and staff on the impacts and vision of FoodWhat. (Big thanks to Paul and Alana, our professional movie makers.) Check it out!

Thank you to our generous supporters at last night's Winter Gathering event!

The Penny Ice Creamery
UCSC Farm & Garden
el Salchichero
Companion Bakeshop


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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Welcome Everyone To The "Food, What?!" Film Premier

We had a blast at FoodWhat's Winter Gathering! Hosted in Patagonia's newly renovated store, all kinds of people from the community joined FoodWhat alumni to hang out, chow down, chat about food justice, and enjoy the first ever screening of the FoodWhat film. We kicked the night off with some mingling and delicious snacks. On the menu, we had a heaping pot of FoodWhat-made butternut squash soup (from the butternut squash we grew), FoodWhat-grown popcorn, sliced citrus, fresh bread courtesy of Companion Bakeshop, a platter of assorted El Salchichero meats, a heaping pot of hot apple cider, and Bon Bons from the Penny Ice Creamery. Big thank you to all of our supporters! Everything was a huge hit, especially the butternut squash soup on a cold night.  

After a little while of shmoozing, Doron, Abby, and the rest of the FoodWhat crew got everyone's attention for a warm welcome. Roll call style, we introduced ourselves to the guests with our name, age, and role at was awesome to see how many alumni came out to support the night as well!

Then it was time to talk some nutrition and food justice. Our guests had a great selection of  4 workshops to choose from. 

Max educated his group on nutrition labels and the way processed sugar sneaks its way into our diets when we don't even realize it. He reminded his participants to double check how many servings are in popular drinks and how many grams of sugar was really in each beverage. (This required some math!) When we measured out the sugar in each drink, we were shocked. To end our horror, Max told us about some healthier drink options.  Max explained that the bottom line is that every time we spend a dollar, we are "voting"--and that our vote is our power.  So when we buy a drink (or anything) we can keep that in mind and vote to support our bodies!

Our guests also had the option to "Eat A Rainbow" with Matthew and Cy'rae. Here, we learned about the nutritional content from different colored fruits and veggies. To keep a balanced diet and get nutrients for our brain, digestion, heart, eyes, and immune system, the best goal is to eat a rainbow of fruits and veggies! Cy'rae and Matthew even gave us tasty samples of each color.

Sarah and Tyrelle busted myths about the fast food industry with a friendly game of Fast
Food Jeopardy. The group divided in two teams to test their fast food knowledge. What does McDonald's sneak into their milkshakes? How much do fast food chains pay the farmers who grow their produce? This competitive game revealed some unknown facts that may have us thinking twice next time we pass a drive-thru.

Deonte and Vicky's "Trace Your Taco" workshop followed the process ingredients of a Taco Bell taco go through to end up in someone's hands. And it is a long, long journey. We discovered how complicated the food system is.  We learned how much weight the farmers growing tomatoes have to lift each day only to be paid meager wages... and most of us could barely lift it! With ingredients shipped from all over the country and meat treated with insane amounts of hormones and living in confined spaces, we learned these tacos are far from the simple, wholesome tacos we make in our FoodWhat kitchen from environmentally and socially responsible sources with little travel. 

After all of the food justice conversation, it was time to chill with a youth and adult mixer! This gave everyone the chance to get to know each other a little better and break the ice between the crew and the guests. Each table had a set of cards with conversational questions, a few of our guests, and one or two of the FoodWhat youth. 

Then... the moment we had all been waiting for... 
The "Food, What?!" Film premier!

Everyone refilled their delicious bags of popcorn and hurried for a good seat. The lights dimmed, and the show began!

It was a hit! The film focused on FoodWhat's mission and informed our audience what "Food, What?!" is really all about. In it, we heard direct testimonies from our crew telling us what they have gained from FoodWhat and why the program is so effective. We also got to see the crew in action, especially working hard in our beautiful fields. The applause filled the room and our crew members became celebrities. Of course, the Q&A session was filled with constant questions after seeing such an awesome film. Everybody just wanted to know even more about FoodWhat!

We wrapped up the night with complimentary desserts from everybody's favorite ice cream parlor, the Penney Ice Creamery. Mmm the bon-bons were a sweet way to end a great night.