Tuesday, September 23, 2014

"Food, What?!" September Photo of the Month

Sunday night at our annual FoodWhat Benefit Dinner, we had $25,000 in matching grants offered if we could raise $25K at the event. It is our absolute joy to share that thanks to the incredible generosity of the 250 friends, mentors, supporters...new and longtime FoodWhat Family folks...we met and surpassed the match!  Together we raised over $60,000 to fuel our work with youth!

The success of Sunday night was far greater than just the financial support so generously shared.  It was also in the youth stepping into their power to share their story--to be validated and celebrated by so many in the community listening and focusing on their words--in the nourishing meal that we all got to share together--and in the continual community we are collectively building.

As we celebrate the turning point of the seasons today through the Fall Equinox, Sunday night also marked a turning point for FoodWhat.  Sunday night we received our first donation from an alumni youth (from our very first year) who came as a guest and is now a professional and a peer doing youth empowerment and food justice work in Oakland.

And we can't help but share the additional good news that two youth landed jobs because of the Benefit.  Talk about added value!  Estephanie will be working with Jamie of FoodSmith, and Ziah was offered a job by Chris of El Salchichero!

Deep appreciation to all who joined us and made Sunday such a special night!

(If you were unable to attend and would like to contribute to this amazing momentum in support of our work, please click the "Donate" link below, and we look forward to spending time with you sometime soon!)
Huge gratitude to the superstar chefs and local partners who supported this event!