Monday, March 16, 2015

2015 Week 2 of FoodWhat Spring Internship?!

On Wednesdays we partner with Live Earth Farm to run our spring internship program in Wastonville for youth from Pajaro Valley High and Watsonville Community School. This Wednesday was a filled with an Opening Icebreaker called "Toe to Toe", making salve, prepping strawberry beds, playing Fast Food Jeopardy, cooking quesadillas with vegetables Mmmm......., and like everyday, ending the day with a personal daily Triumph!

Learn something new about each other with Toe - to -Toe
Next we headed out to the Strawberry field to prep beds with hay to prevent mud tracks and weeds in the berry rows. We worked together to get it done on time. Our work was rewarded with some delicious strawberries to eat!

Many hands make light work!

Salve Making 
This week we made a healing salve from the herbs that we collected last week (plantain, calendula, yarrow, lavender, and mallow --all herbs that are good for healing skin ailments). Heat the herbs in olive oil, add bees wax, pour into containers, and voila!


Fast Food Jeopardy
After a long day of work we got to play Fast Food Jeopardy to learn more about the fast food industry, farms, the health costs of eating just one fast food meal. 
"Sanitation for 200 please"

Cooking Time
We made Veggie Quesadillas which was the first time many of us had vegetables in our quesadillas. We worked together to chop and cook all the vegetables and then we each got to make our own quesadilla. It tasted better than most of us expected! Delicious!

"Really? Greens in my quesadilla?"

We all had a great time today. We enjoyed each other's company and worked together to make the best day happen. We learned some new things and we are excited to the next 10 weeks of the internship. 
Stay tuned for more next week! 

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