Friday, March 20, 2015

Spring Program Week 3

This week we asked ourselves, 

What do we need to be healthy? What does the soil need to be healthy?

As always, we start the day with an opening ice breaker. This weeks game: "All Aboard" - How do we keep all of our teammates on the life raft with only a limited number of hands and feet touching the ground. We got creative


Healthy soil = Healthy ____________? 
If you said "plants or crops" you are right. As organic farmers, we need to nurture and build our soil in order to have healthy plants and good food to eat. Our bodies need nutrients to be healthy, so do our plants. We feed our bodies nutrient filled foods and we feed our plants with COMPOST. 
Today we learned how to make compost piles: 

We skimmed the fields for greens

And some food scraps
Then we added the browns -straw and goat manure

 We gave the pile a little bit of water. Then we repeated the processes -making layers like compost lasagna.


When our compost pile was finished, we headed in to do a workshop called EAT A RAINBOW ...we're not talking about tasting the rainbow like skittles, but actually learning that the different colors of fruits and vegetable nourish different parts of our bodies. Red fruits and vegetables nourish our hearts and brains. Orange and yellow fruits and vegetables help our eyes and help strengthen our immune systems. Green fruits and vegetables tend to have a lot of fiber and calcium, helping our digestion, bones, teeth, nails, hair, and vision. Blue and purple fruits and veggies have lots of antioxydents to help our bodies fight off disease, illness, and aging. White and brown fruits and vegetables help strengthen our immune systems and decrease cholesterol. 
Antonio and Gabby show off the cards they made
to help them remember the different colors
corresponding to the body parts. 

RAINBOW VEGGIE FRIED RICE: After working on the compost and all this talk about food, it was time to cook up and eat a rainbow!

Jesus ate beets and broccoli for the first time in his life!
"Not so bad," he said

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