Monday, March 9, 2015

2015 FoodWhat Spring Program has Begun!!!

This week was the first week of the 2015 FoodWhat Spring Program! We are excited to have 55 new youth from across the county, digging into job training, growing vegetables sustainably, cooking teamwork, and life skills. 

Meet the friday crew (13 youth coming from Pondorosa, Natural Bridges, and Delta Charter): we started the day with a name game so we could learn each other's names (pictured below)

Tossing oranges to learn names

Afterwards, we took a tour around the sunny farm and collected different medicinal plants that we will use to make a salve next week. We were shown different parts of the farm, and smelled and tasted different herbs.

We took a break from the hot sun and wrote down and discussed the things that are important to us in our current lives. We wrote some community goals for how we want to work together in this internship. Then we signed our contract for FoodWhat. Everyone signed up for this amazing few weeks to come!

Then it was time to move our bodies and get to work! We got our hearts pumping and worked together to flip and combine compost piles. We flipped two big piles in no time and worked up quite an appetite.
Cooking Time! Pumpkin muffins made from butternuts that the FoodWhat crew grew last season, and fruit smoothies with strawberries and persimmons from the farm. Many thanks to Straus Family Creamery for donating yogurt for our smoothies! Super refreshing on this hot spring day! 

Overall, it was a super fun day. We got to learn some new things, get to know each other a bit, and  better! This will be an exciting new year for FoodWhat! 

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