Thursday, April 30, 2015

Week 6, Whaat?!

Welcome back to a new week of the FoodWhat?! Spring Internship. It is Week 6 and as usual, we started today with our weekly game and activities. Our game this week was "Look Down, Look Up", then we made some delicious Stone Soup and Corn Bread, worked on the farm skimming, digging, composting and planting out beds, and ended the day with a workshop on how we can get and keep a job.  Read on for details. 

Posing for the camera!
Now time to make Stone Soup (Veggie Soup) and Cornbread! We split into a corn bread group and a soup making group. The corn bread group measured and mixed ingredients. The soup group chopped up onions, garlic, sweet potatoes, carrots, celery, chard, and fresh herbs for the soup. We let that cook for about an hour with some water and vegetable broth. At the end we added some beans and noodles to make it hearty. It was nice making good food for all us to eat.   

After cooking we headed out to the farm to prepare more beds for planting. We skimmed down cover crop and added it to compost piles. Then we dug beds, added compost and planted out onions! It was a lot work, especially on hot day, but all the food that we will grow makes all this work worth it! 

 Skimming down the cover crops
Angie laying our onions for planting

"Many hands make light work"
We all worked together to get it done, and got it done quickly. We planted out almost 700 onions for this season! 

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