Thursday, April 30, 2015

Week 7 ! Woooaaahhhhhh!

Hey! Can you believe its already week 7 of the FoodWhat Spring Program? 

This week we focused on public speaking, did more work preparing and planting beds, interviewed for the summer job, and made pesto pasta. 

We started the day warming up our voices and confidence speaking in front of others with a game called "Common Ground". One person starts in the middle of the circle and reads or makes up a statement that he/she thinks others will have in common. For example, "I share common ground with all those who have a little brother." Whoever has a little brother then has to move to a new spot on the edge of the circle. The last person to get to a spot is in the middle reading a new statement. 

Logan reads a statement for "Common Ground"

"I share common ground with those
who like strawberries"

It was cool trying to see who we have something in common with and learning about new things about each other.

Then we head out to the field to finish skimming off the last beds of cover crop. We also prepared more beds for planting by forking and composting them. We planted out chard, kale, broccoli, cucumbers, summer squash, and kohlrabi!  

Jesus skims out the vegetation to clear the bed for planting

More skimming the beds clean

DeMaria spaces out the kale and
chard so others can plant them 
Jesus planting chard

Public Speaking
Next, we did a workshop to practice public speaking and learn some tips for staying calm when speaking in front of a crowd. 

Thumbs up or down to rate your confidence public speaking 

Public speaking can be scary for most of us but as we practiced, it became a little easier. We started by just saying our names a few times. 
Then we brainstormed the difference between a good public speaker and the signs of a bad one: stand up straight, make eye contact, talk slowly and clearly, don't fidget... We learned a few techniques to help calm our nerves when we feel scared. Then we practiced by telling the group how to make our favorite sandwiches. 

All the talk of sandwiches made us hungry. Gratefully it was time to cook. Pasta with veggies and Pesto: 

 We chopped all the vegetables and started sautéing them while the pasta boiled. At the end we added the pesto and a little bit of marinara sauce. The pesto and tomato sauce were made and preserved by the 2014 crew with FoodWhat veggies from last season. Wondering how it is going to taste hmmmm.........
Lee chefs it up

Mmmmm..... it came out so good! 
We ended the day with a tasty meal and shared our personal triumphs from the day.

See you next time !
Woah its hot!

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