Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Final Day of FoodWhat?!

The final week of the FoodWhat?! Spring Internship. Woah the time has passed. Everyone coming together, working, learning, and eating together to have a great time during this awesome Spring 2015 at FoodWhat?!. 

Today we have an excellent day ahead of us starting with Farm Olympics! Good Luck!

Then we will complete some evaluations of ourselves and the program for the last 12 weeks, do a little farming, learn how to write resumes and make some pizza.
We worked on prepping a bed and planting the 3 sisters: Popcorn, Beans, and Pumpkins

We made pizza dough from scratch, topped it with all sorts of farm goodness and baked it in a cob oven...

Jesus got creative and added mulberries to his pizza
At the end of eating our pizza, we end our day as usual with triumphs and some awesome goodies. Some of these amazing people receive "Perfect Attendance" awards; everyone gets a cookbook, a FoodWhat?! t-shirt kindly donated by the amazing folks as Santa Cruz Sports Design, and a chance to say their final triumph from the internship


 All these lovely people were awarded for thier perfect attendance in the program!

Last but not least, group photos. We've all worked our best each and every day to have fun, learn new things, gain confidence, farm, cook, and practice job skills, and meet new wonderful people. 

Thank You Santa Cruz Sports Design for donating these AMAZING Tshirts! We are so grateful for your support!

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