Monday, July 6, 2015

CSA Harvest

When we grow food in the FoodWhat fields, our veggies quickly end up on our plates for lunch and on the tables of our farm stands for our communities. However, the bulk of what we grow ends up in our CSA bags to enjoy and share at home. CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) bags are rad for SO many reasons. They allow us to enjoy the fruits of our labor and give our families a look at the amazing results we're working for in the fields everyday. Taking home produce directly from our fields also gives us the opportunity to share the recipes we learn at lunch, introduce new types of food to our families and get creative with cooking, and we can engage in conversations about food justice at home. Best of all, it allows us to share the benefits of eating healthy organic food at home or with our communities outside of FoodWhat. 

Harvest days always start with a warm up game to get us moving led by our junior staff. A game of tag is a great way to get moving and laughing first thing in the morning.

We break off into small groups to efficiently harvest everything we need for the whole crew to take home a little bit of everything. We start with the crops that will take the longest to harvest, such as plums and carrots, and finish with the crops that are a little quicker, such as chard and squash. Harvesting also leads to us learning more about the food we're growing and eating. Sometimes we learn about new foods entirely, such as the alien-looking veggie kohlrabi.  

Abby leads us through the next step of the harvesting process. We go through the motions other farms go through to prepare their produce for sale to ensure quality products. We wash, weigh, record, and package our harvest to take home. This process trains us to have an eye for quality and to learn organizational skills to keep records of the summer's yield. 

When the harvest is clean and organized, we make bags for the whole crew to take home to their families and chat about ways to enjoy the harvest at home with others!

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