Monday, July 27, 2015

Farm Stands

Every week of Summer School, FoodWhat sets up two affordable farm stands to work toward making healthy, organic food more accessible to the greater community. We partner with the UCSC farm to set up a stand at Bay View Elementary School in Santa Cruz and team up with Live Earth Farm to set up another at Radcliff Elementary School in Watsonville. We sell locally grown, organic produce and set our prices so that it is more affordable for all families of any income level. We also accept EBT, making healthy eating easier on a budget and accessible to more people. 

Parents, teachers, and the community can pick up dinner ingredients from FoodWhat farm stands and pick up their kids from summer school in one stop! This makes shopping for organic produce more convenient for busy families. 

Our crew also gains some great work and customer service experience working at these stands. We learn to be creative in the visual appeal of the tables to attract students and parents to check out our fruits, veggies, and bouquets. We also practice handling money and working with the public. 

The Summer farm stands are over now, but will start back up in the fall.
Stay tunes for dates, times, and locations. 

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