Thursday, July 16, 2015

Guest Chefs

At the FoodWhat farm, we learn to make delicious meals out of the nutritious food we grow 
every day. Each week, a new rad guest chef working within Santa Cruz County joins us for a culinary lesson from the pros. This week, the folks from The Ballesteros Catering Company came out to cook with us. They shared their story of how they started their family-owned catering business out of Watsonville, how creative they get with their menu, and tips on how to get started for folks interested in becoming chefs or starting their own business. Cooking alongside the FoodWhat crew, they also collaborated on cooking a delicious, healthy lunch.

The day’s lunch menu was quite the spread! We had oyster broccoli beef, veggie quesadillas, veggie spring rolls, and of course a giant colorful salad on the side. Our crew got to chopping cabbage, carrots, broccoli, cucumbers, lettuce, onions, and a variety of other colorful veggies. The beans for the quesadillas were on the stove next to the broccoli beef and the salad bowls filled up real quick.

With all of the chopping finished, we accepted the spring roll challenge. These veggie-packed treats took some skill to learn how to roll them into the rice paper. We got creative with the combinations of veggies we packed in them. With so many hands on deck, we had a giant pile of beautiful spring rolls in no time.

With the spring rolls piled up, the oyster broccoli beef ready to go, the veggie quesadillas golden brown, and the salad looking bountiful, we set out our beautiful spread and gathered up the crew for a feast.

Lunch was a huge hit!
Big thanks to The Ballesteros Catering Company
for coming out to hang with us!

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