Thursday, August 6, 2015

Biking with People Power

It turns out biking has A LOT in common with the work we do at the FoodWhat farm. First of all, the farm and our bikes get us outside and moving. They also help us live a healthier lifestyle and be environmentally considerate while teaching us enjoyable ways to be self-reliant. That's why Tawn from People Power (a bicycle advocacy group in Santa Cruz County) met up with us at the Homeless Garden Project with enough bikes for the whole crew to take a ride. 

We gathered up for Tawn's rundown on bike safety. First, we talked about helmets and how to make sure they fit correctly to protect our heads and faces. Then he taught us the hand signals to tell cars when we’re stopping or turning and how to communicate with other cyclists about traffic or any problems ahead on the road.  

We put our new skills to use biking in a FoodWhat squad all the way across town to La Semenza farm. Riding through different parts of town helped us get comfortable biking in various situations, ranging from bike-specific paths to higher traffic areas.

We made it to La Semenza in almost the same amount of time it takes to drive! We met Damian Parr, who gave us the tour of the space. He also shared his inspiration to develop the farm and explained what it's like living in such a rad place. For a refreshing treat to top off the ride, Damian led us to rows of blueberry and blackberry bushes to sample the different varieties. 

After snacking on the berries and exploring the farm, we learned how to graft avocado trees and each of us got to make some grafts. Time flew by and it was time to get back on our bikes to cruise back to the Homeless Garden Project for lunch! Fun day!

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