Monday, August 10, 2015

Commercial Kitchen Incubator Project

FoodWhat visits the Commercial Kitchen Incubator Project in Watsonville to give our crew a taste of what it’s like to create a food business. The Commercial Kitchen Incubator Project is a community-supported kitchen that encourages people from the area to start small businesses and supports their success by providing a high-quality space that meets all the health requirnemts.

Cesario, the kitchen manager, gave us a tour of the kitchen and impressed us with all of their professional cooking equipment. He explained the varying businesses that work through the kitchen, ranging from a cold brew coffee business to The Ballesteros Catering Company, who came to cook with us at the beginning of summer. We popped in and saw the behind the scenes of El Nopalito prepping their nopales. 

We got the low down on the rules and regulations of selling food products to the public. He explained the importance of nutrition labels and the certifications businesses have to get to be able to sell their food to the public. He gave us a taste of the magic that happens in the kitchen with a jar of jam made in one massive batch to produce hundreds of jars!

Then we go into our own kitchen project making vitamin water. Farmer D busted out the mason jars, cucumbers, lemon slices, strawberries, fresh mint, and honey and taught us how to make the best mixtures.

Then we thought through all the elements that it would take to make this a real business. Cesario explained the importance of having stylish labels and business names to attract people to buy a product. We let the creative juices flow to design our labels and name our beverages.

We bounced out of the kitchen and let our water chill overnight to enjoy before heading back to the farm in the morning. Big thanks to the Commercial Kitchen Incubator Project for having us come out!

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