Tuesday, August 4, 2015


Every Thursday, FoodWhat heads out to different sites around Santa Cruz County to tackle some huge projects at various elementary school gardens. We call these projects “Blasts” because our crew knocks these projects out in no time. Our Blasts allow us to engage with the greater community and we help build spaces for other youth get involved in their own school gardens. 

This week we headed out to Amesti Elementary School in Watsonville where we had a HUGE challenge waiting for us. A jungle of weeds completely hid a rad school garden that hadn’t been worked with in years. First thing in the morning, we immediately jumped in and started clearing out the giant weeds.

It wasn’t a surprise that we had it completely cleared out before lunchtime. As we worked through the weeds, we uncovered abandoned planter beds that hadn’t been used in years. 

As the space became more and more clear, we jumped on building new boxes for the garden. We carefully measured out lumber to build 4 foot by 8 foot boxes. Then we busted out the power tools and hand saws to cut the pieces down to size. We drilled screws to hold the pieces together to assemble them and stapled chicken wire to the bottoms to keep gofers out. 

Complete with new boxes, this cleared out garden is ready for students to get planting when the school year starts!

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