Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Live Earth Farm

We end our FoodWhat week in Watsonville at Live Earth Farm. Live Earth is a organic production farm that also hosts educational workshops and field trips in addition to selling their produce to local grocery stores, restaurants, farmers markets and through a CSA program. Not only does working here give the farm a helping hand, but it also helps us put our professionalism skills to work on a farm that means business.

We start each Friday circling up with Tom, Live Earth's owner and farm manager. He gives us the details on the harvest needed for that week and any other work out in the fields that would be helpful. Because our amazing crew is made up of so many hard-working hands, we can help make a big dent in the work that needs to be done out here.

Summertime means tomatoes and peppers! This means a big harvest for us. Tom sent us to the pepper plants and the rows sungold cherry tomatoes. They needed thirty flats of tomatoes and several crates of different types of peppers for the markets, so we hit the harvest running.

Because all of their produce gets sold to the public, we keep an especially close eye on our organization and the quality of our work at the farm. To make sure all of our harvest was the highest quality possible, we checked all of our tomatoes TWICE to keep our baskets looking and tasting delicious. The whole process required a lot of hands, organization, focus and and pushing through a tedious task, but that satisfaction of loading the whole harvest into the truck really paid off and made us feel good.

A lunch break was needed after such a accomplishment. We had chiles rellenos, black beans, and a salad made by the lunch crew on the menu. Plus, a sweet treat made by Abby for a birthday celebration!

Energized with full bellies, we headed back to the fields for a few more hours of harvesting before finishing off the day and calling it a week!

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