Saturday, August 15, 2015

The Roof is Raised!

This past winter, the FoodWhat family came together to raise the funds for a brand new outdoor youth space. We surpassed our fundraising goal thanks to your incredible generosity and that of a few key local business partners. In the Spring Internship we began work on the site--pulling out the weeds, leveling the ground, getting our measurements in place for construction.  At the same time, County Office Of Education Alternative Ed students busted out 8 beautiful redwood benches for the space and most recently a crew donated by CenCon Construction assembled the structure.  At the Summer closing dinner, the youth crew, staff, and guests were beaming seeing the Roof Raised!  This fall we will be completing the final stage of beautifying the space around the tent with perennials and possibly some fruit trees!  It is our absolute pleasure to share with you these photos of the process, and once again, a great heartfelt appreciation to all of our donors and partners who helped make this space a reality that will serve youth for decades to come!

On Friday, the staff and Junior Staff sat in the cool shade of the tent and debriefed the recently completed Summer Job Training Program.  In our new space we were able to dig into the impact that each of our stellar Jr Staff had on the new crew and explore the details of how they saw their leadership grow this summer.  This was just one of many conversations that this space will hold far into the future... 

Thanks again to everyone who supported and contributed to this effort, to the County Office of Education, to Central Coast Construction, and to our local business partners below!

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