Wednesday, October 21, 2015


FoodWhat attends the 2015 Bioneers Conference

FoodWhat Crew at Bioneers!
Ten of us were graciously awarded with youth scholarships to attend the 2015 National Bioneers Conference held in San Rafael, CA over the weekend of Oct 15th-18th. We spent the weekend together amongst hundreds of leaders and change makers who are taking action to "build a world that we know is possible". We engaged in workshops and talks related to climate mitigation, water management, racial justice, women’s leadership, personal identities, and indigenous activism. We spit poetry, made art, danced, listened, discussed, grew, and had our minds opened and inspired by new ideas. We are truly grateful and inspired. #Bioneers15

Adrian engaging in Art as Activism
Here are a few words that Adrian shared after his experience:

"Dear Bioneers,
My name is Adrian Nuñez. I recently attended the Bioneers conference due to the courtesy of a youth scholarship. I wish to personally thank Bioneers for giving us this wonderful opportunity to expand our knowledge to ensure a green future for my generation and the generations to come. Being native hispanic youth not really knowing my roots, it was very inspiring to learn about my culture and learn the ways that we forget to love the earth the way our ancestors practiced. I cannot be more thankful for those who attended the conference and interacted with me showing me the ways of my native blood. Going to the conference and listening to the speakers has inspired me to do three things: change the system of my schools policies, make my school more green and more earth friendly, and bring back the culture to my community. As a youth activist fighting for LGBT rights and food and water rights, being in that space made me want to fight even more for a better future..."

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