Monday, March 14, 2016

2nd Week of the 2016 FoodWhat Spring Program

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Second week of commitment, hard work, bonding, and laughter couldn't get any better than those veggie quesadilla's we cooked!  Our day started off with awkward ice breakers, but turned out to be funnier than we expected. It then moved on to a workshop of us making our own chap-stick with the herbs we picked out last week: Lavender, Calendula, Mallow, and Plantain. Following that, we headed out into a greenhouse where we learned about Chard. We then got to thin some out of seeding trays that were over full with too many plants so that the little seedlings can grow big and strong.
Finally, after a long day of work, we put on our chef hats and began prepping and cooking delicious veggie quesadillas!

Breaking up the herbs for our healing salve

We mixed the herbs with olive oil and bees wax and voila!...
Chap stick or salve thats good for the skin!
Beatriz thinning out flats of chard

Maria and Edgar sowing sunflowers

Yosemite showing off her chard hat

Irma showing the cabbage who is boss

Cookin' up some veggie quesadillas with whole wheat tortillas, cabbage,
kale, carrots, onions and garlic

Mmmmm, good!

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