Monday, March 7, 2016

1st Week of the 2016 FoodWhat Spring Program!

The new season of FoodWhat kicked off this week with new faces, new vibes, new attitudes, and whole lot of new smiles! The first week consisted of making new friends with games and activities to help us get to know one another, creating some community goals, exploring the new work space at the farms, flipping compost piles, and ending our long days work by bonding in the kitchen while blending fresh strawberry smoothies and baking delicious pumpkin muffins! Check out some photos of the Tuesday and Wednesday crews below. 

Ty muscling a heavy wheelbarrow of compost

Thats us flipping compost piles to help the microorganisms do their thang
and break down the food scraps

And of course, ending the day with some strawberry smoothies and pumpkin muffins doesn't hurt!

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