Monday, March 21, 2016

Week 3 in Paradise

Rain or shine, it doesn't stop us from joining in the FoodWhat fun!! This week we totally rocked it in the kitchen! We started off by baking mouthwatering corn bread and preparing stone soup! The beauty of stone soup is you and your family or friends can take almost any veggies you've got in your kitchens, whether cabbage or potatoes or kale or beans or sweet potatoes, and put them together for a nutritious meal; we all have gifts to offer our community! 

Elijah soupin' it up
Cristina mixing the cornbread 

Kiki scooping the cornbread batter into muffin tins

We then moved toward the field and worked on flipping more compost piles! 

After hard work, we got educated on the amount of processed sugar we consume when we drink a Coke, Arizona Ice Tea, Monster or other sugar-sweetened beverages. It was gross to realize that it's a lot of sugar in those little containers! But we've got options and can "vote" with our youth dollars for more beverages like water and natural juices. 

We ended our day by eating our delicious muffins and soup, fresh out of the oven and hot off the stove!

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