Monday, April 11, 2016

Week 5 of the Spring going Strong!

Alternative SPRING BREAK here at FOODWHAT?! whaaaaa?!...

The heat didn’t stop any of us from engaging in fun, educational, and amazing activities here at the farm! We started our day with a quick icebreaker. We then headed over to the farm to harvest delicious broccoli! We came back with lots of energy to participate in a nutritional activity that Irene planned out for us: "Eat a Rainbow". The idea of the workshop is to understand that eating lots of different color fruits and vegetables is important for our health. When we eat a rainbow, we optimize our nutrition. 
We sketched the outline of a person, then filled in the body with how different color fruits and vegetables help support the health of different parts of our bodies. 

We ended the day with cooking Veggie Fried Rice with a rainbow of colors  

Fernie cookin up our rainbow of veggies
for our fried rice
Ricky showing us that purple veggies like
cabbage have a lot of antioxidents that help
strengthen our immune system and fight diseases

mmmm good


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