Tuesday, May 31, 2016


Thank you to everyone who came out to help and participate with FoodWhat?! for the 2016 Strawberry Blast Festival. It wouldn't have been this amazing if it wasn't for all of our partn
ers and youth! The Blast was planned and organized by two FoodWhat 2015 alumni, Manuel and Grace, who put on another bangin event. On Friday May 27th we welcomed 300 local high school and middle school students to the FoodWhat at the UCSC farm for a day of farm, health, and youth empowerment-based activities! The event gave youth the unique opportunity to trace a strawberry from field to plate and learned about how our local food system works! It also taught youth about food justice and real facts about the food we consume through a variety of workshops and hands-on activities, such as The Food Justice Wall, "What You Drink, What You Think", Fast Food Jeopardy, Trace Your Taco, and much more!! Students experienced how to grow their own food, harvested farm fresh organic strawberries, and dove into preparing and eating tasty healthy food like strawberry tarts and smoothies! It turned out to be such a fun and educational festival! Until next year!!

We started the day by each picking a few berries. Extra delicious when they are freshly picked.

Then we got to participate in a bunch of activities and stations. 

What you Drink, What you Think...

FoodWhat Jr Staff, Aaliyah led a workshop about
processed sugar in popular beverages and how youth can exercise
their power by choosing what to spend their $$ on

Participants engaged with fun STEM activities with MESA 

Fast Food Jeopardy

FoodWhat Jr Staff Ollie and Shin dropped some fun (and gross) facts with Fast Food Jeopardy 
FoodWhat Alum, Victoria taught people about
guerrilla gardening by making Seed Bombs

The Community Agroecology
Network (CAN) led a workshop
about the benefits of Fair Trade
and direct market transactions
with farmers 

And the favorite... Strawberry smoothies!

Many thanks to local farms Live Earth,
Dirty Girl, UCSC
and Jacobs Farm for
providing extra berries for the event!

Thanks to Straus Family Creamery
for donating milk and yogurt --YUM!

Button Making with Subject to Change from the MAH

Watsonville Wetlands Watch

Trace your Taco:
FoodWhat Alum, Uriel, led a workshop about food systems by
examining all the ingredients in a Taco Bell taco
(above) students act out what its like for cows in a CAFO
(Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation)

Organic vanilla yogurt, strawberries,
whole wheat pie crust
and Voila!

Yep, a good day it was...


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