Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Week 10

Whaaaa?!...last couple weeks of FoodWhat?! The faster the time goes, the more sad we get because soon the Spring Internship for FoodWhat?! will be FINITO. So before we cry our eyes out, lets share this weeks deliciousness with you all! We started off our day with the HUMAN KNOT icebreaker! This game put our patience and minds to the test! It was difficult but not impossible to untangle the craziness! We then did some farm work where we prepared beds for planting by shoveling out those annoying weeds! We also planted beans! We headed down to the strawberry fields where we harvested the ripest strawberries for our Strawberry Blast festival...we of course tasted them too! After our farm activities, we moved into the kitchen where we cooked TONS of green spinach to fill our cheesy mouthwatering SPANAKOPITAS...yummy! While we waited for our golden Greek triangular pieces of heaven to bake, we talked about budgeting money! Irene did great on teaching us on the importance of saving and spending wisely. We finally ended our week 10 at FoodWhat?! by eating our delicious SPANAKOPITAS!

Can we untangle our human knot??

Josie planting bean seeds



 How to make a budget
What does wealth mean to you?

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