Thursday, May 26, 2016

Week 11

FIN! We cannot believe that our Spring Internship at FoodWhat?! has come to an end! It is a bitter sweet moment for all of us because this program truly motivated and inspired each and everyone of us to be the best we can be! We have come along way since the start of the internship and we couldn't have done it on our own without the help of our amazing facilitators! So thank you guys so much for allowing us to be apart of this amazing welcoming space! On that note, lets dive in to our last weekly doings at FoodWhat?! We first started off our day with a three-legged race! The olympic game was toooo wild, that we couldn't decide on a genuine winner...but all in all, it was a fun icebreaker! WE then moved on to the kitchen where we finally go to prep our pizza dough and pizza toppings (it's a receipt we've been waiting for since the beginning of the! While we waited for the dough to rise, we headed out to the farm where we did our last of garden work! We covered potatoes with more soil to give it more nutrients! We then worked on our resumes! It was extremely helpful for the majority of us because we've never created one until now! We all now have professional resumes we can use for future job openings! We then found our way back into the kitchen where we placed veggie toppings on our pizza dough and popped our pizza into an outdoor wood fire...the smokiness really gave our pizza that authentic Italian taste! After eating our delicious pizza, we were handed our perfect attendants award, our checks, a FoodWhat?! tee-shirt, and a FoodWhat?! bracelet. With our tee-shirt, bracelets, and 11 week experience, we will never forget the personal growth we developed at FoodWhat?!

FoodWhat Olympics:

 Prepping Pizza Toppings and making the dough

A little bit of farm work while the dough is rising... 
we hilled potatoes

We evaluated the program and how we grew and changed over the last 11 weeks...

And then the Pizza Making!!

The closing...

The Wednesday Crew

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