Monday, May 2, 2016

Week 7

In this weeks agenda, we continued our hard work in the farm and in the kitchen! We all got our hands dirty by continuing to prepare beds in the field: skimming off the cover crop, fork the bed, add compost, rake it out and viola, ready for seeds and seedlings. Using our bodies like this is hard work and we were all so tired, but it was so worth it when we migrated to the kitchen! The kitchen is always the fun part because we cook all our meals from scratch! This week we learned how to make a veggie omelette. It was challenging to flip the omelette without breaking, but thankfully Irene was there helping us through it all! Those veggie omelette were so delicious!

This week we also got to learn and practice how to be good public speakers. We practiced standing up straight, making eye contact with our audience, and speaking loudly and clearly as we told each other how to make our favorite sandwiches. We also learned some techniques to help up stay calm if we get nervous.

FARMING: Bed prep --skim, fork, compost, rake, plant!


Eggs from our chickens.
Thanks chickens!

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