Monday, May 2, 2016

Week 8

It's crunch time here at FoodWhat! As we get closer to the end of our Spring Internship our personal and professional skills grow bigger. This weeks schedule entailed a lot of self and group reflection. We started our day with an the MAGNET TAG icebreaker, which was extremely active and fun! We moved on to our farm work where we finished up skimming the last of the field so that we can create our last bed for our planting of crops! Although it was extreme work, it was so great to be able to clean and remove the last part of the field! Following the farm work, we headed out to our thinking tent, where we learned the communication technique called Straight Talk. We as individuals and FoodWhat as a whole, reflected on our 8 amazing week journey! FoodWhat has helped us to become the individuals we are now. They have provided us all with the strength and tools we need to over come challenging obstacles, like public speaking and making new friends and job skills. We still have a few more weeks left in our Spring Internship, therefore we still have a lot more to learn! After our workshop, we migrated to the kitchen where we cooked potato pancakes and mouthwatering strawberry salsa! It's never a disappointment here at "Food,What?!"!

Magnet Tag! --Josie on the run
Skimming off the last of the cover crop
to get the beds ready for planting

Daniela, Andrea, and Josie reflecting on themselves at
FoodWhat with Straight Talk

GRUB TIME: Latkas (potato pancakes) with Strawberry Salsa

Maria confirms: Yep, tasty!

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