Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Week 9 of the Spring Internship - Nearing the Finish Line!

Alright, lets get right into it because we only have 2 weeks left before our Spring Internship at "Food, What?!" comes to an end! We started our day with a trust ice-breaker, where one of us was blindfolded, and the other guided us through a craaaazzzzyyyy obstacle course! The trust was real!

We then decided to take it back old school by threshing wheat, that's right, wheat! We then worked on our arms by winnowing the wheat...great workout! 

....We ground up all the wheat into powder form so that we can begin prepping out pretzel dough! We let the dough sit, so that the yeast can do its job!  Add into the mix - we learned all there is to know about the importance of whole grains!

 Following our workshop, we migrated to the strawberry fields to pick the most red, juiciest, ripest, and biggest strawberries ever! 

We ended our day with a mindfulness workshop with breathing exercises, and learning alternative ways to destress your mess! Finally, we ate our delicious pretzels we made from scratch!

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