Tuesday, November 22, 2016

November Photo of the Month - 42 of us in this photo!

The Photo-of-the-Month shares a moment, highlight, or story to offer connection to the experiences at "Food, What?!"  This month is a special message about gratitude.

Yes, tough two weeks and a long road ahead.

Today, this photo of FoodWhat alumni at our 10-Year Celebration jumped out at me and sparked a feeling of hope. These youth and their adult allies make up the world I want to live in...shiny, deep, playful, Black, immigrant, Jew, indigenous, LGBTQ, skater, hippy, baller, Muslim, Latinx, female, forward, shy. Everyone is welcome. Everyone works to respect one another, our differences and our similarities, even when it's uncomfortable. Together we cultivate a safe space and build family. We're tearing DOWN walls. We grow food and eat together. We serve our many communities. We work to protect the earth now and for the generations that come after us. We won't normalize or accept hatred or bigotry. We protect and lift up youth voices. We are responsible to each other. Each in our own way, and together, we push to overcome the sexism, xenophobia, racism, white supremacy, and all other systems of oppression that we live in.

And we are not alone. YOU are part of this loving community and play a role in building a more inclusive, just society. And the incredible constellation of organizations and groups and individuals like us across the nation are coming together, caring for each other, and rising to the challenges before us.

As many of us dive into spaces of gratitude this weekend, we are grateful for you, for your presence, your passion, your commitment, and your action.

Many blessings on your meal and at your table,
Doron, Abby, Irene, Anna, Deonte, David, and the FoodWhat Crew

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